When it comes to finding a home buyer, we know all the popular hangouts

We’ve all heard the saying: selling a house is about location, location, location. It’s still true, but the phrase has more to do with where the buyer is located than the house. That’s why we provide marketing strategies for our sellers that reach prospective buyers on their terms, where they’re searching. The tools we use include targeted online marketing, an expert team of local sales professionals, local print media and, of course, our distinctive yard sign and seal. Additionally, we provide a number of services that are exclusive to our company, including the most comprehensive online platform available.

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Michael Laine 3-year sales professional

“Selling real estate has enough challenges as it is, so to be able to come into an office everyday where you feel like family and have unconditional support is something very special. Everyone wants to see others be successful and I think that is sorely lacking in the business. Our office culture not only promotes success but makes coming to work fun.”