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Charlotte, NC 28277

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Mike Kasey

Managing Broker
Jerry and Sharon Ward

Jerry and Sharon Ward — Real Estate Professional since 2012

“Mike Kasey is a motivator, a leader, a mentor, and a blessing to the BHHS Carolinas Realty Ballantyne office. On any given day and time, you will see Mike in the conference room interviewing a prospective agent or mentoring a group of new agents.His style of coaching and mentoring has assisted not only the new agents, but the veterans as well. As a planner and organizer, Mike has been able to align individual goals and objectives with that of BHHS. With Mike it is total transparency; no hidden agendas. He has provided not only leadership daily, but a vision for the future. If clarity is the guiding principle of leadership, Mike totally exemplifies a style that provides the guidance for any agent to take his or her game to the next level.”
Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson — Real Estate Professional since 2002

“Mike recruits motivated, professional new agents who bring a high level of competition to our office. His availability to the agents, along with his personal knowledge, is a continued strength. Technology, along with current standard practices, is frequently passed along to the agents. Mike, himself, is a polished, professional presentation to our office. His motivation, humor, and expertise are all held of the highest regard.”
Scott Sofsian

Scott Sofsian — Real Estate Professional since 2014

“For little over a year now, I’ve had the pleasure of working at the BHHS Carolinas Ballantyne office under the leadership of Mike Kasey. In my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with many great leaders. Mike possesses all of the most important leadership qualities for a person like me. Mike is supportive, encouraging, hard-working, and honest. He pushes us to do our best work and to stay focused on our goals. When I have questions, Mike is always there to give me sound advice and lay out the available options. Mike is the perfect leader for a new real estate agent like myself. His support, alongside with his knowledge and faith in his people help us do our best work. Mike has established an atmosphere of high morale here in our office (not always an easy task). He is always present, providing a steady, positive, and reassuring atmosphere that the agents achieve their personal goals. I'm very thankful to have Mike as our Managing Broker in the Ballantyne office. He's helped me get off to a very successful start with BHHS Carolinas Realty.”
Michelle Zawacki

Michelle Zawacki — Real Estate Agent Since 2016

“I've been extremely impressed with the caliber of experienced agents and their availability and willingness to help new agents. The work environment is friendly, relaxed and professional where I am a valued team member, never feeling like just a number among hundreds of other agents. Our Managing Broker and administrators are available anytime we need with patience, help and a smile.”